Why Journaling Is My Medicine


I know, I know. Some people do not think journaling is a legitimate way to spend time. I am not sure why people think it is a silly pastime. It honestly has changed by life. You might have never have written in a journal before or maybe you share the same thoughts as me and enjoy writing things down. All I ask is to not knock it before you try it 🙂 ❤


Reasons why you should try journaling:

  1. It helps you reflect on how far you have come and how proud you should be about overcoming obstacles.

  2. From reading previous entries, you are reminded of things you have learned.

  3. It puts ALL things in perspective.

  4. It is relaxing to GET emotions out.

  5. Journalling helps you identify things you would like to WORK on and brainstorm solutions.

  6. It also allows you to DREAM big, no boundaries.

  7. It reminds you of what matters in life and what your priorities are. Is it family? Friends? Work? Traveling? Cooking? Hobbies? A combination? Are you happy with how you spend your time or do you want to change how the weeks and month are spent?

  8. It helps you GROW to become the person you want to be.

What do you think? What to pick up a journal and try to make it a weekly or daily habit? Or do you already practice journalling and enjoy it? Let me know, would love to hear from you!

Peace and love

❤ Hope


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3 thoughts

  1. I started doing this about 18 months ago, but stopped maybe 6 months ago. Maybe not 6, maybe 4. Only because I haven’t gotten back to it, plus I started playing on WordPress. After watching Grey’s Anatomy years ago and they found all of her mother’s journals, I was so intrigued by that. A life story – written out. I started writing because I wanted to work on my handwriting, and it really – really helped. Sometimes, my journal just contained a rewritten poem or the alphabet, but I did it every single day. Sometimes multiple pages. I just used one of those black/white composition books (college ruled of course!) Life’s just been in the way. The only thing I have an issue with is someone reading it that isn’t me. My family, for instance. How are you going to share your inner most fears and feelings if someone you know is going to read your stuff and just maybe some of your fears and feelings are about them. So, in that case – it’s more like a diary and you want a lock on it. Then you have to deal with “why is your book locked up? hiding something??” – Ugh. So I ended up writing about mundane things, but still therapeutic. I don’t have all the answers, but yes – I think journalling is way cool.


    1. I love this, yes I love finding old journals and rereading all the stuff I have written in the past! I agree, I feel like I use it like a diary sometimes with really just getting everything out. If someone ever reads it, they will definitely see all the thoughts both pretty and not! 🙂 I am glad you still use it in a therapeutic way regardless though 🙂

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  2. Oh, yea, journaling is not about age or lack of age or anything with numbers. I’m almost seventy years old and I began journaling only probably, I don’t know, maybe 20 years ago, unofficially. And probably before that my journaling consisted of just taking pictures. But you know those pictures add up and they tell a story by themselves. Inside of me, I have a history of adventures, mishaps, and beautiful, and sometimes difficult experiences. And that’s when I figured out, hey, maybe it’s time for a book. The best book is a journal. I’ve not really got into the daily journaling yet, though I just wrote an entry and said in it , write everyday, smiles. For me, sometimes helpful hints can be good reminders for ourselves. Nice blog. Merry Christmas peace to all.


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